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O'Fiaich College Junior Certificate.


Junior Cert Subjects offered at O'Fiaich College

Students who enter O’Fiaich College each September begin a three year programme of study. The students will be encouraged to reach and achieve their best potential and results in the Junior Certificate. We offer a broad range of subjects which may be taken at Higher, Ordinary or Foundation level. We do however encourage as many pupils to take higher level.

The subjects available are listed below:

Core Subjects

Optional Subjects

English French
Irish Geography
Religion History
Physical Education Art
S.P.H.E Technology
C.S.P.E Tech Graphics
Computers Material Technology
  Business Studies
  Home Economics



The Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP) is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. It aims to provide a curriculum framework that assists schools and teachers in making the Junior Certificate more accessible to young people who may leave school without formal qualifications. It attempts to help young people experience success and develop a positive self-image by, providing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs. On completion of the programme students receive a profile which is an official record of their achievements from the Department of Education and Skills. Following the Junior Certificate, pupils may opt for Transition Year or go straight into 5th year to follow one of the Leaving Certificate Programmes.

Parental involvement is a core element in the JCSP programme and parents are invited into the school on a number of occasions throughout the year. This provides them with the opportunity to meet the teachers, view their child’s work and participate in the celebration of their child’s success.

The programme promotes active learning and teaching as well as the development of basic skills. It builds on students basic skills of literacy and numeracy and their personal and social skills.

It aims to provide easy targets for students to reach and gain a sense of achievement while working towards the state examination at the same time. The students at O’Fiaich take part in many exciting initiatives to engage them in active learning. The programme also encourages relationships between parents and teachers and further emphasis is placed on positive meetings with parents at celebrations throughout the year.


Educating Through New Experience

Several exciting and innovative new initiatives have been introduced in O'Fiaich College to enhance the education of our students especially at Junior Certificate level.

  • Information Technology Suites have been specially equipped to enable computers to assist in the teaching of Mathematics, English and Modern Languages.

  • A well stocked and equipped Literacy Room provides a relaxed atmosphere where students can enjoy reading and listening to books.

  • Students take part in the "Key Programme" through which, by contact with students from other schools, they become aware of their own identity and that of others.

Why not check out some of the projects completed recently by the JCSP class groups here in O’Fiaich! Just click on Student Projects at the top of this webpage.